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100 years of centrifugation technology

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100 years of centrifugation technology 

08 Gennaio 2020

It is our pleasure to announce 100 years Comi Condor operation in Centrifugation technology.
Since 1920, COMI CONDOR has expanded considerably until reaching the current leading position in the Italian and world markets, in the discontinuous filtering centrifuges’ field, for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
COMI CONDOR is one of the companies which producing a complete range of discontinuous filtering centrifuges: horizontal axis "peeler", horizontal axis inverting filter, vertical axis bottom discharge, vertical axis top discharge.
Currently, the COMI CONDOR machines installed around the world are more than 6000.

Today Comi Condor, thanks to its constant research and innovative designs, can provide modern/tailor made solutions in the solid/liquid centrifugation field, for customers all over the world.

Comi Condor is still a private limited company belonging 100% to the Poma family