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Horizontal peeler centrifuge HX/GMP model – (Pharma API and HPAPI product application)

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Horizontal peeler centrifuge HX/GMP model 

16 Ottobre 2019

  • Order of no. 1 horizontal peeler centrifuge (size 1030/500) for an Italian API pharmaceutical producer
  • Order of no. 1 horizontal peeler centrifuge (size 1300/610) for an pharmaceutical producer in South America
The horizontal peeler centrifuge HX/GMP is designed for typical pharmaceutical applications.
The HX/GMP centrifuge can be used for the production of intermediate and especially finished synthesis products, where it is absolutely necessary to avoid the contact between product and operator.
It's also possible to have a completely sterilizable version with vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP system).
Maximum purity of discharged products (API and HPAPI products)