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Inverting filter centrifuge - HT-GMP model - Pharma API and HPAPI product application

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HT/GMP Inverting filter centrifuge order

08 Settembre 2019

  • Order of no. 2 inverting basket centrifuges (size 700/225) for two important Italian companies.
  • Order of no. 1 inverting basket centrifuge (size 800/350) for an Italian company.
  • Order of no. 1 inverting basket centrifuge (size 1000/430) for a primary European pharma industry. The machine is provided with Hyperbaric Centrifugation system (HCS) to enhance the centrifugation phase using nitrogen at 6 barg inside the basket to reduce the residual moisture (centrifuge dryer)
The inverting filter centrifuge HT/GMP is designed for typical pharmaceutical applications with slow filtering and compressible cakes (API and HPAPI).
HT/GMP centrifuge is used for the production of chemicals and mainly pharmaceuticals synthesis, products where it is absolutely necessary to avoid the contact between product and operator.
COMI CONDOR has developed a completely openable casing that allows the inspection of the rear wall of the basket and avoid dead zones in the process area.